Thursday, 12 January 2012

Action-Comedy Opening Sequence Research

Kung Fu Panda

Starring: Jack Black Dustin Hoffman Angelina Jolie Ian McShane Jackie Chan Seth Rogen Lucy Lui David Cross
Directed: Mark Osborne John Stevenson
Written by: Jonathan Aibel Glenn Berger  
Released: 2008
Genre: Action Adventure Animation 
Rating: Pg

Though Kung fu panda doesn't call itself a comedy I would so I have mentioned it.

The opening titles are done as an animation an though we cannot do an animation as our opening sequence as we don't have to ability we can take from theirs the way that it opens with the lead character in a fantasy of being a great hero- which in reality he is not, which is very like our character of Alex who sees himself as being far greater than he is.

  • Opens with custom Dreamworks icon music that leads into film opening is playing it is classic chinese kung-fu film music
  • Titles appear in middle of the screen very stylised font there is a flash and the night sky is replaced by day with the title of the film in big on it
  • Pans down and voiceover begins by Jack Black (who we find out voices the main character Po) as he tells us a story of a legendary kung fu warrior in a humorous way
  •  When the fight scene begins new music faster paced and more modern but still with classical chinese begins
  • Lots of dramatic angle shots like extreme low shots
  • The end of the opening two minutes introduces the Furious Five another set of core characters to the story, the colour of yellow is used greatly when representing them 
Genre Conventions

  • Humorous dialogue
  • Over dramatic action
  • Hero who is unintentionally funny (in hat he is not trying to be funny)

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