Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Predicted Target Audience

Our predicted Target Audience would be families. These families would consist of a father and mother of around early 20's to 40's with two children of the ages 7 to 15, they would have a household pet, the father would work almost full time and the mother part time or perhaps not at all staying at home to look after the children. The famly would own one or two cars and a semi-detached house in a relatively nice environment. Both children would still be in education. The parents would listen to most of their music on the radio or CDs where as the children would either listen to what ever their parents played or hear music from friends or music shows or the internet- this music would mostly be very current. The sort of films they would go to see would be 'Arthur Christmas' or 'High School musical' (for example). The parents would read newspapers and free magazines from train stations and the children kids magazines.

For our focus group we will probably use my family and my mothers boyfriends son and he if they are available and we will hold the focus group in my home. This will mean that the focus group will consist of a wide range of base ages, two teenage boys, an older woman, two middle aged men and a middle ages woman. This will cover the bandwidths we might miss out on when using an internet related questionnaire and also will cover the range of family members as the group will consist of a whole a half of families.

My Questionnaire Questions

These are the questions I came up with alone that I then submitted to the group to be looked though judged and submitted into the final questionnaire:

1. What genre of television show do you most commonly watch? Please tick one

Social Drama, Crime Drama, Science fiction, Comedy, Horror, Political Drama, Soap-opera

2. How often do you watch films?

Everyday, Every few days, Every few weeks, Every few months, Every few years

3. How do you find out about films?

Friends, Family, Billboards, Television, Movie Theatre, Magazies/Newspapers, Radio

4. How old are you?

5-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71+

5. Do you visit the cinema more with...

Friends, Family, Partner, Alone

Movie Idea Survey

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Action-Comedy Opening Sequence Research

Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman
Directed: Edgar Wright
Written by: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg
Released: 2007
Genre: Action Comedy Mystery 
Rating: 15

  • Opens with police whistles and bells sound as titles of company plays through the sounds are joined by the sound of police sirens whining
  • Long shot, gates open near us, yellow lighting, camera slowly pans in and up
  • Continuing shot of man walking towards us, titles come up in white text at the bottom of the screen
  • Close up of Pegg's face head and shoulders, he is angry/frowning he whips up his police badge and introduces himself: Police Constable Nicholas Angel
  • Quick cutting montage of him walking, looking angry and going through police school whilst he voiceover introduces himself, he tells us about himself in school and how he got to this point- being the best cop there is
  • He tells us about his strengths as a cop and we see him in practice exercises excelling at what he does
  • He tells us through voiceover that he is good at dealing with tough and dangerous situations 
  • He tells us how he graduates with distinction and is top of his class
  • He tells us how he continues to train in advanced cycling and advanced driving
  • Also does lots of other activities such as chess, fencing, martial arts racing- he excels at all of these and holds the met record for 100 metre dash. This is all still in montage to humorous sounding music- 'Goody two shoes'
  • Montage cuts in between thing she has done and him walking though a big shiny police station with purpose
  • He receives a bravery award while working with a special armed forces unit

  • All during the montage we cut between close ups and long shots that pan and zoom quickly

  • During the advanced cycling and advanced driving scene Simon Pegg looks to camera this is a kind of self parody and one we've seen also in Copout
  • Also when he shows us his police badge the face he is pulling in his photo is exactly the same as the face he is pulling in that particular scene
All of these humorous touches are very subtle also like Copout the beginning has very quick cutting

From this opening sequence I will take the ideas of playing your main character straight/him being funny without realising it, and the use of montage and voice over as an introduction and of the main character being just too good for their job.

Genre conventions:
  • Self parodying 
  • Self voiceover
  • Use of humourous music that contradicts whats happening on screen

Action-Comedy Opening Sequence Research

This video has the first few seconds missing but the other opening video has cut out most of the interrogation so, Cop Out Opening Sequence

Starring: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Juan Carlos Hernandez
Directed: Kevin Smith
Written by: Rob Cullen, Mark Cullen
Release: 2010
Genre: Action Comedy Drama
Rating: 15

  • Cop out opens with the two leads played by Bruce Willis andTracy Morgan walking down a corridor in a police station to No Sleep Till Brooklyn they argue about who gets to interrogate a drugs criminal
  • Tracy Morgan precedes to burst into the interrogation room pretending to be a criminal who is trying to escape and has killed a cop, he proceeds to quote hundreds of movies at the criminal screaming at him Bruce behind the screen names the films they're from
  • E.g "They cal me Mr Tibbs!" "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" "Godzilla is coming!! Godzilla is coming!" "Were gonna need a bigger boat!" "Tell us about ze chicken." "The forbidden zone was once a paradise!"
  • He scares the information out of the criminal and they find out that he is just a middle man

I think that this opening scene is a very good one not just because it's hilariously funny with all of it's shameless movie references (Particularly it's quoting Bruce Willis's DieHard films) but also it's quick cutting and setting up of the characters as not only Cops who are good friends and have worked together for years and are good friends but also cops who don't quite work by the rules.

I think what I'll take away from this film is it's use of music and self knowledge in the way it quotes other films.

Genre Conventions:

  • Self parodying
  • Humorous music
  • It's funny
  • Swearing
  • Shouting/loud

Treatment Feedback Video

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Treatment Feedback

We put our film and opening sequence ideas to our class and teachers today and this is the feedback we received:

  • Make the film more self aware
  • Take inspiration from the real life superheroes and from super hero parody films
  • Too Americanised
  • Overall re-think our opening sequence- which we are now doing.

     Re-done Opening sequence based on our feedback so far:

    • Hall monitor entering school
    • He is pulled over by head teacher who addresses him to tell him to tone down his behaviour- he's just a hall monitor
    • Slow pan round the head teacher there's a kid littering!
    • Hallmonitor throws the teacher aside with a cry of 'Stop! Justice!' the head teachers papers fly up into the air and he falls to one side 
    • HallMonitor begins to furiously speedwalk towards 'criminal' student sees him and begins to run away
    • Speedwalk chase scene begins on his way Hall Monitor fulfils and safe guards several school rules like stopping people from chewing gum, littering, reporting poor behaviour, breaking up fights etc
    • Freeze frame dramatic title screen

    What we did well:

    • Our overall idea was quite good
    • Our research was apparent
    • We had a good idea of the conventions

     Possible Problems
    •  Getting permission to film at Eastbury maybe a problem and taking the equipment their also if we decide we want to use that as a filming site.
    • Getting our timing correct with Andrew's friends who will help us film

    • We can make advantage of Andrew's older friends media skills
    • Due to the ages of our characters actors will be easy to find
    • I go to both Eastbury and Jo Richardson so I know how to get there and some of the teachers there so should be able to convince them to let us film.

    Monday, 21 November 2011


    It's not the size of the badge it's the man that wears it

                                (But you will get to see the first two mintues if you keep an eye one youtube.)

    Just a little picutre I created to go along with our Hall Monitor film idea.

    Action Comedy Treatment

         Hall Monitor

    An original screenplay by Andrew Bryan, Daniel Wright, Chris Adegoke and Olivia Barry


    By the Production Company: BiggerBoat presents a Family focused Action-Comedy about a hall monitor who takes his job far too seriously. He teams up with a fellow student his sidekick, who thinks his boss is a moron, in order to stop the sabotage of the school Prom and keep general peace.

    As the story unfolds it is discovered that it is Alex's love interest that has committed the attempted sabotage in order to get him to notice her. Through the stopping of the sabotage of the prom our lead finally gets the respect he craves and recognition he feels he has worked for but also realises what an idiot he has been and that their is more to life than being a hall monitor.

    This film will be like Hot Fuzz meets Mall Cop.

    Our key focus is to make a family orientated fun comedy-action film that gets laughs that is directed towards a family/young person (12+) audience.

    Saturday, 19 November 2011

    Action-Comedy Film idea

    Land of the Rising Son

    Setting World War two- Japan

    • The top army squadron are captured in Japan
    • The son of the Cammander of the group has always been a let down to his father
    • He has joined the army to try and make him proud
    • When he hears of what happenned to his father he takes his squadron in training to Japan! Sadly theyre the must useless squadron around
    • The army have sent their own team of elite soldiers unbenknowst to our heroes
    • Commanders son and his allies must travel across Japan to find his last known coordinates and look for his father
    • Whilst avoiding the Japanese and the other American elites/Birtish elites who think theyre the enemy
    • Crazy shenanigans along the way occur as our heroes really are crap and ntrained
    • Somehow they succeed and rescue not only our heroes father but the others at the prison encampment and take them to safety!
    • Our bumbling hero is now an actual hero!

    I imagine it to be kinda like Tropic Thunder just with poeople who are meant to be real soldeirs.

    (and yes I realise this would most probably be impossible to make but I really can't think of any other ideas right now- maybe I'll come up with another later)

    Thursday, 17 November 2011

    Genre Research Horror: 2 minute beginnings

    Evil Dead 2:

    • Introduction to Necronomicon
    • Background swirling mist
    • Necronomicon flies in- Made of human flesh it comes alive its eyes and mouth open
    • A parade of evil ghostly monster fly form the mist vortex towards the screen
    • Opens to red blood sea
    • Books pages get inked with blood filled with pictures of monsters and creatures
    • "In the year 1300 AD the book disappeared"
    • Fades to black as book disappears
    • Black screen, mist reverses to form white text words
    • White text disappears we see int he distance the end of a tunnel, it rushes closer
    • We exit the tunnel we were in
    • Man and woman in car- both attractive- introduce that they are going o a cabin in a wood that's very secluded (this fits genre conventions very well cabins in woods are very often used as the settings for horror films) 
    • Its a very bright day and it appears safe - this is also very conventional as horror films like to lure the audience into a feeling of safety before revealing the terror
    • Cut them crossing long bridge it is now dark/night time
    • Cut to a creepy old cabin int he woods, it is dark the cabin like the necronomicon also appears to have eyes and a face
    The similarities between the dreaded evil thing and the falling of night time also the stressing that they will be alone are all very common conventions used in the horror film as omens that bad things are gonna come. Also the use of a black background and white text are very common in horror films.


    • Black background white text
    • Introduce makers of film and actors in it and who they play/cast list 
    • Gentle pleasant music plays int he background
    • Fades to black
    • Text- white on black introduction to the villain of the film who he is and a little about him
    • Also information on the story
    Again you can see the horror conventions, the white on black text, the introduction to the evil thing/villain the creation of a pleasant atmosphere before the realisation of the danger.

    Tuesday, 15 November 2011

    Genre Research Horror

    Gonna have to upload this without the pictures sadly as Scirbd is rubbish and doesn't seem to want to accept they exist. Just so you know the pictures were awesome. (If I can get it to work I'll repost it)

    Horror Genre Research

    Monday, 14 November 2011

    Genre Convention Research: Peer Assessment review

    This post is in referral to my previous one with the 2 minute opening scenes for the Gangster movie.

    Idea 1:

    My peers liked how I used the twist of having a young character as you will find in the traditional Gangster movie most of the characters are older males.They also liked my idea of using title cards with white text as this applies with convention and helps build tension by cutting up the scenes making the audience wait longer to find out what's happening. My peers also liked the way I jumped straight into action with the shooting as it fits the genre which is known for it's violence and it sets the tone for the film, also it fits the stereotype of the Gangster that we see in other films- as killers.
    Overall this idea was my peers favourite.

    Idea 2:

    My peers also thought this idea was good, they liked the rotation of the camera around the feet as they walked though they thought that I ought to be careful when filming as I would not want it to look amateur.  They also liked the way it was set in a church they thought that it was non- hegemonic in the way that Italian American Gangster are stereotyped as often being quite religious yet this man is taking money from a priest.

    Idea 3.

    My peers also liked idea three, they thought the dialogue related well to the genre in what they were talking about and the way they were talking. They also felt the choice of language relates to genre and they liked the way it sets out a few of the main characters in the story- the 'hero' and the 'villain'. They also liked the way it displays typical conventions of a gangster film through its choice of shot- like that in 'The Godfather'- and it's choice of lighting and mise-en-scene. They did however warn that I would have to be careful that it might get a bit boring with no action and that to keep it from getting boring I would really need to think about my choice f shots, mise-en-scene and lighting carefully and make sure I had a really good actor to keep the scene interesting.

    Overall my peers thought that Idea One was their favourite and I must admit it is my favourite to, they felt it was the more interesting one with the more interesting use of shots, cutting and action and also felt it had the most interesting introduction to story.

    Sunday, 13 November 2011

    2 minute opening scenes

    2 minute opening scenes for a Gangster film:


    We open from black to see a woman sitting in her home, awake, it is late. Music quietly in background- Non-diegetic. She is waiting up for someone. She is quite an older woman late 40's, 50's. On the mantle piece is a picture of a young man in his twenties, camera pans to his face. He is smiling and happy
    Black title card, name of company making movie, white text.
    We skip to two men in italian suits walking down the street late at night, they enter a bar. Low lighting, still at night. There is a young man sitting at the counter- the same man as in the photos- he is hunched over his drink he turns round to look as they enter. Everyone in the bar stops what they are doing. The young man turns and gets up from his stool. Raising his hands.
     Black screen white text name of actors
    We skip back to the same two men walking down another street, one is cleaning his hands with a handkercheif.
    Black title screen, white text actors name.
    We cut back to the bar, everyone is frozen then begin to hurriedly make their exit. The young man is standing facing the two gentlemen who have entered, he looks afraid.
    Black title screen, white text another name
    The two gentlemen stopp outside a door of a suburban house in America. One pulls out some flowers (white lillies?). He places them on the doorstep then rings the bell
    Black card white name
    The same gentlemen, at the bar, pulls out a gun, the young man tries to reach for his own gun in his jacket but he's too slow and he's shot, he flops to the ground, banging off of the bar. Slow-motion.
    Black title card, white name
    The older woman opens the door to her house, she see's no one. She looks down at the ground and sees the flowers. She drops to the floor and grabs them up pulling them to her chest, she begins to cry and scream in anguish.
    Camera swoops up into the air pulling away from her house so we can see her from afar. Name of movie comes up. Music reaches crescendo.


    Fade in from black, a pair of expensive balck shoes clack on the ground, walking, camera draws round so we are watching him from behind his feet, he jogs up some stone steps. Pan back as a man in an expensive back italian suit pushes open heavy wooden doors.
    Skip to long shot, aisles in a church people on their knees praying, name comes up white text
    He walks through the aisles
    Hands polishing a gun
    Same hands holding a bible, name of actor comes up white text
    From behind following man in suite walking through church
    The father, an Italian american priest nods to him
    Her enters the confesson box and leans over the grate
    The priest on the other side looks through and sees his face, we see only his eyes. Middle aged man.
    The preist reaches into the folds of his uniform and pulls out some folded up dollar notes, he passes them through the grate
    "Thank you father." The man on the other side does the father son and the holy spirit blessing sign on himself. He gets out and walks away from the confession box towards camera. we see him in full, slowmotion. Title of the film comes up. Music reaches crescendo.


    Fades from black to an extreme close up of the mans eyes, italian amrerican accent. reverse creep begins

    "Albachinni, he sent friends to see me, I he told me I had to pay him his rent he told me that it was business, told me I was his new friend and friends do favours for eachother. I told him where to go. The next thing I know my cafe's gone! Burnt to the ground! There ain't nothing left! Then they come to my home- my home! They tell me I gotta pay my rent I say for what! I ain't got no business anymore!  They tell me I gotta pay! I say I already pay you and they laugh. The next day I go'tah pick up my daughter from school and there they are and the bastards standin' there holding my daughters hand! My daughters hand and there ain't nothin' I can do about it! He knows where I live, he knows how tah get to mah daughter! What am I gonna do? So  think, I'll come to the only man that I know who can do sumthin' I'll go to the big man himself. I'll come to you sir. Look, I guess what'am tryi'n to ask is, will you help me get rid of that bastard? Help me protect my daughter?"
     Long shot of the man he sits behind a big desk, sliver of light creeping in behind him from a slightly parted green curtain.
    In front of him a pair of hands link (close to the screen) we realise we are seeing an over the shoulder shot but he figure we are shooting over the shoulder from is so dark we could not see them.

    "I am glad that you brought this to my attention. As you should well know I do not like that this young man seems to think that he can... bully my friends, and you are my friend aren't you Romano?"

    "Of course I am."

    - I reckon that's probably more thna two minutes, so I'll stop here.

    Thursday, 10 November 2011

    Preliminary Task

    We started our project by brainstorming ideas- basically we just shouted out when we had one and discussed its merits and faults as a group, when we had one that struck a chord with all of us and made us all laugh I sat down to begin a script whilst Jamie and Daniel discussed and figured out dialogue. Our resulting script was so well thought out and planned in the way of shot directions that we didn't need to do a storyboard as all of the shots and angles were written into the script. As I wrote I paused to ask Daniel and Jamie what the dialogue was so that I could add it in. Once I had finished the first detailed script we wrote up a script that had only the dialogue so we could use it for the actors (Daniel and Jamie) when filming, and the more detailed script could be used by me and Chris in Directing and Shooting.

    Here is the first script:

    Homeless man 1 (Leo)- Jamie Vanlint
    Homeless man 2 (Chester)- Daniel Wright

    Shot 1: HM1 walks down stree checks if anyone is there, camera follows him panning across, longshot slight high angle
    Shot 2: close up HM1 face flat angle, he looks right then left
    Shot 3: Flat angle shot, mid-close up of bin as he jumps in feet first
    Shot 4: Close up of top of bin, HM1 eyes as he dissapears down into bin
    Shot 5: Mid-close up of feet as he lands down in front of door slight high angle flat shot
    Shot 6: extreme close up/close up of HM1's hand as he turns door handle, zoom out to mid-shot as he goes through door
    Shot 7: Match on action him entering through door, midshot, flat angle
    Shot 8: Match on action him closing door from inside room flat angle
    Shot 9: Over the shoulder slight high angle shot of HM2 over HM1's shoulder, HM2 is seated and has his back to camera/HM1
     HM2: We've been expecting you Leo
    Shot 10: Close up of HM2 as he spin goes to over the shoulder shot reverse shot, long/mid shopt of HM1 in background
    Shot 11: Low angle close up of HM1
    HM1: What have you got for me Chester?
    Shot 12: (Extreme) Low angle of HM2 as he rises from his seat
    HM2: It's a code nine
    Shot 13: Dramatic zoom from close up to extreme close up of HM1's face (eyes, nose part of mouth), shocked expression
    HM1: Half a portion of chips
    Shot 14: Extreme close up flat angle shot of HM2's face
    HM2: And a savaloy
    Shot 15: Slight low angle of HM!, neck and head
    HM1: That's impossible!
    Shot 16: over the shoulder shot of HM1 in foreground HM2 in background mid shot slight high angle
    HM2: One of these opportunities comes around once in a lifetime!
    Shot 17: Shot reverse shot, over HM2's shoulder, HM1 in background
    HM1: I'll never make it in time!
    Shot 18: Shot reverse shot, over HM1's shoulder, head and chest of HM2
    HM2: Just leave. (points towards door)
    HM1: I can't-
    Shot 19: Close up slight low angle shot, HM2
    HM2: I said leave! (points at door again)
    Shot 20: Extreme close up door handle, HM1 grabs it
    HM2: Wait...
    Shot 21: Extreme close up HM1's hand, it slides off door handle
    Shot 22: Over the shoulder shot HM1
    HM2: I'm coming with you
    Shot 23: Flat angle mid-close up of HM1 and HM2, they clasp hands dramatically in a show of brotherhood
    Shot 24: Mid-long shot of door flat angle as HM1 opens it and he and HM2 run otu in bin bag capes
    Shot 25: Match on action of them mid-shot running round corner from door, Camera follows them as they run
    Shot 26: Match on action again this time they are running towards camera They jump past camera pans with them, low angle shot. They run off into distance

    Ending Credits

    Shot 27: Close up of fish and chips and half a savaloy, Hand reaches in and grabs the savaloy. Single shot zoom out and pan back to show HM1 and HM2 sitting down eating chips and savaloy mid-long shot of them both. HM2 is not wearing his hat
    HM1: Didn't you have a hat?
    Shot 28: Still same shot, HM2 reaches up to touch his head. Both look up dramatically to camera, Dramatic zoom into HM2's horrified face

    The second script is only dialogue and goes like this:

     HM2: We've been expecting you Leo
     HM1: What have you got for me Chester?
     HM2: It's a code nine
     HM1: Half a portion of chips
     HM2: And a savaloy
     HM1: That's impossible!
     HM2: One of these opportunities comes around once in a lifetime!
     HM1: I'll never make it in time!
     HM2: Just leave.
     HM1: I can't-
     HM2: I said leave! .... Wait.... I'm coming with you

    This simplified script allowed the actors to quickly and easily check what their lines were rather than have to search through all of the confusing shot directions. I used the more detailed script to direct, frame and angle shots, as did Chris our other camera person. This made our filming more efficient and we were able to shoot all of our film in less than two hours- except for the ending scene which was a later idea and was filmed by Daniel Crosby when Daniel and Jamie had some free time.

    The Credits go as such:

    Leo- Jamie Vanlint
    Chester- Daniel Wright
    Director (and camera person though I do not appear in the credits as such)- Olivia Barry
    Camera man- Chris Adegoke

    Daniel Crosby also did additional filming as I previously mentioned.

    I did the main rushes when it came to editing, though I also began to do more detailed editing as I was going, and Chris did the final cut. Daniel and Jamie added effects like the grey and found and inserted the sound.

    Through this excercise I think I learnt that the best way to enter a filming situation is to plan out what angle (etc) shots you want before you go in so there's is no confusion or time wasting. Also to play out the shots several times without the camera running so as to get an idea what the shot will look like in frame before filming. I also learnt that I am quite a good director but shouldn't be so monopolising with editing as I feel I wasn't very fair on Chris and I pushed him out of the way alot as I can be quite impatient and pinickity. As well as this I think we may need to record dialogue seperatley and overlay it onto the film next time as the sound is too quite on this preliminary film.

    I also learnt that I need to rein in ideas and not be so grandeous in my story telling so as to not go over the briefed time.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this excercise though I htink the bit i enjoyed most was the filming as we had loads of fun and had loads of film for a blooper reel. We were all very at ease with eachother as were all friends and I was very lucky with the group I was put with.

    Preliminary Task

    For our Preliminary task we did a one minute twenty seven second video called Savaloy and chips:

    The Brief we were given was for:

    -The video is to be 30 seconds long
    -It must have Match on Match action
    -It must have Shot reverse shot
    -It must have 180% rule
    -It must have dialogue
    -Someone must walk through a door, across a room and someone must sit down in a chair

    As you can see from the length of our video we did not stick to the first point of the brief, we felt we could deliver a better story and viewing enjoyment if we made it longer, also when we took our script to our teacher and asked him if it was okay to go over 30 seconds he said that that would be fine.
     We did however stick to the rest of the brief, here are some examples of

    Match on Action:

    As Jamie reaches for the door, enters through the door and closes it from the other side.

    Shot reverse shot/ 180 degree rule:

    Daniel over Jamies shoulder and Jamie over Daniels shoulder!

    The tools we used in iMovie were:

    - Crop to cut out a chair that snuck into shot when Jamie had to jump off of it onto the floor to give the idea that he was falling down from above:

    -We Fade out sound and Fade in sound with the song Omen by Prodigy:

                  Here the sound Fades in as they clasp hands in a heroic way:

                 And Fades out as the ending credits finish and the final additional credits scene begins

    -We also added music, the Mission Impossible theme and Omen by the Prodigy for our running scene by downloading the music from Youtube into iTunes and then using iMovie to select and drag the music in and crop it to the right length for our shots.

    - As well as this we used Split clip to et rid of a piece of dialogue that we wanted in the next clip and that if we hadn't split the clip and then cropped the second half would've been repeated.

    - Finally we added a grey and seedy effect to the first shot like it was being filmed through a CCTV camera, though I think this would've looked better had we had cut the clip more to make it look more jerky so that it looked more like it was from a CC Tv camera.