Monday, 21 November 2011

Action Comedy Treatment

     Hall Monitor

An original screenplay by Andrew Bryan, Daniel Wright, Chris Adegoke and Olivia Barry


By the Production Company: BiggerBoat presents a Family focused Action-Comedy about a hall monitor who takes his job far too seriously. He teams up with a fellow student his sidekick, who thinks his boss is a moron, in order to stop the sabotage of the school Prom and keep general peace.

As the story unfolds it is discovered that it is Alex's love interest that has committed the attempted sabotage in order to get him to notice her. Through the stopping of the sabotage of the prom our lead finally gets the respect he craves and recognition he feels he has worked for but also realises what an idiot he has been and that their is more to life than being a hall monitor.

This film will be like Hot Fuzz meets Mall Cop.

Our key focus is to make a family orientated fun comedy-action film that gets laughs that is directed towards a family/young person (12+) audience.

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