Thursday, 24 November 2011

Action-Comedy Opening Sequence Research

This video has the first few seconds missing but the other opening video has cut out most of the interrogation so, Cop Out Opening Sequence

Starring: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Juan Carlos Hernandez
Directed: Kevin Smith
Written by: Rob Cullen, Mark Cullen
Release: 2010
Genre: Action Comedy Drama
Rating: 15

  • Cop out opens with the two leads played by Bruce Willis andTracy Morgan walking down a corridor in a police station to No Sleep Till Brooklyn they argue about who gets to interrogate a drugs criminal
  • Tracy Morgan precedes to burst into the interrogation room pretending to be a criminal who is trying to escape and has killed a cop, he proceeds to quote hundreds of movies at the criminal screaming at him Bruce behind the screen names the films they're from
  • E.g "They cal me Mr Tibbs!" "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" "Godzilla is coming!! Godzilla is coming!" "Were gonna need a bigger boat!" "Tell us about ze chicken." "The forbidden zone was once a paradise!"
  • He scares the information out of the criminal and they find out that he is just a middle man

I think that this opening scene is a very good one not just because it's hilariously funny with all of it's shameless movie references (Particularly it's quoting Bruce Willis's DieHard films) but also it's quick cutting and setting up of the characters as not only Cops who are good friends and have worked together for years and are good friends but also cops who don't quite work by the rules.

I think what I'll take away from this film is it's use of music and self knowledge in the way it quotes other films.

Genre Conventions:

  • Self parodying
  • Humorous music
  • It's funny
  • Swearing
  • Shouting/loud

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