Saturday, 19 November 2011

Action-Comedy Film idea

Land of the Rising Son

Setting World War two- Japan

  • The top army squadron are captured in Japan
  • The son of the Cammander of the group has always been a let down to his father
  • He has joined the army to try and make him proud
  • When he hears of what happenned to his father he takes his squadron in training to Japan! Sadly theyre the must useless squadron around
  • The army have sent their own team of elite soldiers unbenknowst to our heroes
  • Commanders son and his allies must travel across Japan to find his last known coordinates and look for his father
  • Whilst avoiding the Japanese and the other American elites/Birtish elites who think theyre the enemy
  • Crazy shenanigans along the way occur as our heroes really are crap and ntrained
  • Somehow they succeed and rescue not only our heroes father but the others at the prison encampment and take them to safety!
  • Our bumbling hero is now an actual hero!

I imagine it to be kinda like Tropic Thunder just with poeople who are meant to be real soldeirs.

(and yes I realise this would most probably be impossible to make but I really can't think of any other ideas right now- maybe I'll come up with another later)

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