Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Predicted Target Audience

Our predicted Target Audience would be families. These families would consist of a father and mother of around early 20's to 40's with two children of the ages 7 to 15, they would have a household pet, the father would work almost full time and the mother part time or perhaps not at all staying at home to look after the children. The famly would own one or two cars and a semi-detached house in a relatively nice environment. Both children would still be in education. The parents would listen to most of their music on the radio or CDs where as the children would either listen to what ever their parents played or hear music from friends or music shows or the internet- this music would mostly be very current. The sort of films they would go to see would be 'Arthur Christmas' or 'High School musical' (for example). The parents would read newspapers and free magazines from train stations and the children kids magazines.

For our focus group we will probably use my family and my mothers boyfriends son and he if they are available and we will hold the focus group in my home. This will mean that the focus group will consist of a wide range of base ages, two teenage boys, an older woman, two middle aged men and a middle ages woman. This will cover the bandwidths we might miss out on when using an internet related questionnaire and also will cover the range of family members as the group will consist of a whole a half of families.

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