Monday, 14 November 2011

Genre Convention Research: Peer Assessment review

This post is in referral to my previous one with the 2 minute opening scenes for the Gangster movie.

Idea 1:

My peers liked how I used the twist of having a young character as you will find in the traditional Gangster movie most of the characters are older males.They also liked my idea of using title cards with white text as this applies with convention and helps build tension by cutting up the scenes making the audience wait longer to find out what's happening. My peers also liked the way I jumped straight into action with the shooting as it fits the genre which is known for it's violence and it sets the tone for the film, also it fits the stereotype of the Gangster that we see in other films- as killers.
Overall this idea was my peers favourite.

Idea 2:

My peers also thought this idea was good, they liked the rotation of the camera around the feet as they walked though they thought that I ought to be careful when filming as I would not want it to look amateur.  They also liked the way it was set in a church they thought that it was non- hegemonic in the way that Italian American Gangster are stereotyped as often being quite religious yet this man is taking money from a priest.

Idea 3.

My peers also liked idea three, they thought the dialogue related well to the genre in what they were talking about and the way they were talking. They also felt the choice of language relates to genre and they liked the way it sets out a few of the main characters in the story- the 'hero' and the 'villain'. They also liked the way it displays typical conventions of a gangster film through its choice of shot- like that in 'The Godfather'- and it's choice of lighting and mise-en-scene. They did however warn that I would have to be careful that it might get a bit boring with no action and that to keep it from getting boring I would really need to think about my choice f shots, mise-en-scene and lighting carefully and make sure I had a really good actor to keep the scene interesting.

Overall my peers thought that Idea One was their favourite and I must admit it is my favourite to, they felt it was the more interesting one with the more interesting use of shots, cutting and action and also felt it had the most interesting introduction to story.

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