Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Treatment Feedback

We put our film and opening sequence ideas to our class and teachers today and this is the feedback we received:

  • Make the film more self aware
  • Take inspiration from the real life superheroes and from super hero parody films
  • Too Americanised
  • Overall re-think our opening sequence- which we are now doing.

     Re-done Opening sequence based on our feedback so far:

    • Hall monitor entering school
    • He is pulled over by head teacher who addresses him to tell him to tone down his behaviour- he's just a hall monitor
    • Slow pan round the head teacher there's a kid littering!
    • Hallmonitor throws the teacher aside with a cry of 'Stop! Justice!' the head teachers papers fly up into the air and he falls to one side 
    • HallMonitor begins to furiously speedwalk towards 'criminal' student sees him and begins to run away
    • Speedwalk chase scene begins on his way Hall Monitor fulfils and safe guards several school rules like stopping people from chewing gum, littering, reporting poor behaviour, breaking up fights etc
    • Freeze frame dramatic title screen

    What we did well:

    • Our overall idea was quite good
    • Our research was apparent
    • We had a good idea of the conventions

     Possible Problems
    •  Getting permission to film at Eastbury maybe a problem and taking the equipment their also if we decide we want to use that as a filming site.
    • Getting our timing correct with Andrew's friends who will help us film

    • We can make advantage of Andrew's older friends media skills
    • Due to the ages of our characters actors will be easy to find
    • I go to both Eastbury and Jo Richardson so I know how to get there and some of the teachers there so should be able to convince them to let us film.

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