Thursday, 17 November 2011

Genre Research Horror: 2 minute beginnings

Evil Dead 2:

  • Introduction to Necronomicon
  • Background swirling mist
  • Necronomicon flies in- Made of human flesh it comes alive its eyes and mouth open
  • A parade of evil ghostly monster fly form the mist vortex towards the screen
  • Opens to red blood sea
  • Books pages get inked with blood filled with pictures of monsters and creatures
  • "In the year 1300 AD the book disappeared"
  • Fades to black as book disappears
  • Black screen, mist reverses to form white text words
  • White text disappears we see int he distance the end of a tunnel, it rushes closer
  • We exit the tunnel we were in
  • Man and woman in car- both attractive- introduce that they are going o a cabin in a wood that's very secluded (this fits genre conventions very well cabins in woods are very often used as the settings for horror films) 
  • Its a very bright day and it appears safe - this is also very conventional as horror films like to lure the audience into a feeling of safety before revealing the terror
  • Cut them crossing long bridge it is now dark/night time
  • Cut to a creepy old cabin int he woods, it is dark the cabin like the necronomicon also appears to have eyes and a face
The similarities between the dreaded evil thing and the falling of night time also the stressing that they will be alone are all very common conventions used in the horror film as omens that bad things are gonna come. Also the use of a black background and white text are very common in horror films.


  • Black background white text
  • Introduce makers of film and actors in it and who they play/cast list 
  • Gentle pleasant music plays int he background
  • Fades to black
  • Text- white on black introduction to the villain of the film who he is and a little about him
  • Also information on the story
Again you can see the horror conventions, the white on black text, the introduction to the evil thing/villain the creation of a pleasant atmosphere before the realisation of the danger.

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