Thursday, 10 November 2011

Preliminary Task

We started our project by brainstorming ideas- basically we just shouted out when we had one and discussed its merits and faults as a group, when we had one that struck a chord with all of us and made us all laugh I sat down to begin a script whilst Jamie and Daniel discussed and figured out dialogue. Our resulting script was so well thought out and planned in the way of shot directions that we didn't need to do a storyboard as all of the shots and angles were written into the script. As I wrote I paused to ask Daniel and Jamie what the dialogue was so that I could add it in. Once I had finished the first detailed script we wrote up a script that had only the dialogue so we could use it for the actors (Daniel and Jamie) when filming, and the more detailed script could be used by me and Chris in Directing and Shooting.

Here is the first script:

Homeless man 1 (Leo)- Jamie Vanlint
Homeless man 2 (Chester)- Daniel Wright

Shot 1: HM1 walks down stree checks if anyone is there, camera follows him panning across, longshot slight high angle
Shot 2: close up HM1 face flat angle, he looks right then left
Shot 3: Flat angle shot, mid-close up of bin as he jumps in feet first
Shot 4: Close up of top of bin, HM1 eyes as he dissapears down into bin
Shot 5: Mid-close up of feet as he lands down in front of door slight high angle flat shot
Shot 6: extreme close up/close up of HM1's hand as he turns door handle, zoom out to mid-shot as he goes through door
Shot 7: Match on action him entering through door, midshot, flat angle
Shot 8: Match on action him closing door from inside room flat angle
Shot 9: Over the shoulder slight high angle shot of HM2 over HM1's shoulder, HM2 is seated and has his back to camera/HM1
 HM2: We've been expecting you Leo
Shot 10: Close up of HM2 as he spin goes to over the shoulder shot reverse shot, long/mid shopt of HM1 in background
Shot 11: Low angle close up of HM1
HM1: What have you got for me Chester?
Shot 12: (Extreme) Low angle of HM2 as he rises from his seat
HM2: It's a code nine
Shot 13: Dramatic zoom from close up to extreme close up of HM1's face (eyes, nose part of mouth), shocked expression
HM1: Half a portion of chips
Shot 14: Extreme close up flat angle shot of HM2's face
HM2: And a savaloy
Shot 15: Slight low angle of HM!, neck and head
HM1: That's impossible!
Shot 16: over the shoulder shot of HM1 in foreground HM2 in background mid shot slight high angle
HM2: One of these opportunities comes around once in a lifetime!
Shot 17: Shot reverse shot, over HM2's shoulder, HM1 in background
HM1: I'll never make it in time!
Shot 18: Shot reverse shot, over HM1's shoulder, head and chest of HM2
HM2: Just leave. (points towards door)
HM1: I can't-
Shot 19: Close up slight low angle shot, HM2
HM2: I said leave! (points at door again)
Shot 20: Extreme close up door handle, HM1 grabs it
HM2: Wait...
Shot 21: Extreme close up HM1's hand, it slides off door handle
Shot 22: Over the shoulder shot HM1
HM2: I'm coming with you
Shot 23: Flat angle mid-close up of HM1 and HM2, they clasp hands dramatically in a show of brotherhood
Shot 24: Mid-long shot of door flat angle as HM1 opens it and he and HM2 run otu in bin bag capes
Shot 25: Match on action of them mid-shot running round corner from door, Camera follows them as they run
Shot 26: Match on action again this time they are running towards camera They jump past camera pans with them, low angle shot. They run off into distance

Ending Credits

Shot 27: Close up of fish and chips and half a savaloy, Hand reaches in and grabs the savaloy. Single shot zoom out and pan back to show HM1 and HM2 sitting down eating chips and savaloy mid-long shot of them both. HM2 is not wearing his hat
HM1: Didn't you have a hat?
Shot 28: Still same shot, HM2 reaches up to touch his head. Both look up dramatically to camera, Dramatic zoom into HM2's horrified face

The second script is only dialogue and goes like this:

 HM2: We've been expecting you Leo
 HM1: What have you got for me Chester?
 HM2: It's a code nine
 HM1: Half a portion of chips
 HM2: And a savaloy
 HM1: That's impossible!
 HM2: One of these opportunities comes around once in a lifetime!
 HM1: I'll never make it in time!
 HM2: Just leave.
 HM1: I can't-
 HM2: I said leave! .... Wait.... I'm coming with you

This simplified script allowed the actors to quickly and easily check what their lines were rather than have to search through all of the confusing shot directions. I used the more detailed script to direct, frame and angle shots, as did Chris our other camera person. This made our filming more efficient and we were able to shoot all of our film in less than two hours- except for the ending scene which was a later idea and was filmed by Daniel Crosby when Daniel and Jamie had some free time.

The Credits go as such:

Leo- Jamie Vanlint
Chester- Daniel Wright
Director (and camera person though I do not appear in the credits as such)- Olivia Barry
Camera man- Chris Adegoke

Daniel Crosby also did additional filming as I previously mentioned.

I did the main rushes when it came to editing, though I also began to do more detailed editing as I was going, and Chris did the final cut. Daniel and Jamie added effects like the grey and found and inserted the sound.

Through this excercise I think I learnt that the best way to enter a filming situation is to plan out what angle (etc) shots you want before you go in so there's is no confusion or time wasting. Also to play out the shots several times without the camera running so as to get an idea what the shot will look like in frame before filming. I also learnt that I am quite a good director but shouldn't be so monopolising with editing as I feel I wasn't very fair on Chris and I pushed him out of the way alot as I can be quite impatient and pinickity. As well as this I think we may need to record dialogue seperatley and overlay it onto the film next time as the sound is too quite on this preliminary film.

I also learnt that I need to rein in ideas and not be so grandeous in my story telling so as to not go over the briefed time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this excercise though I htink the bit i enjoyed most was the filming as we had loads of fun and had loads of film for a blooper reel. We were all very at ease with eachother as were all friends and I was very lucky with the group I was put with.

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