Thursday, 10 November 2011

Preliminary Task

For our Preliminary task we did a one minute twenty seven second video called Savaloy and chips:

The Brief we were given was for:

-The video is to be 30 seconds long
-It must have Match on Match action
-It must have Shot reverse shot
-It must have 180% rule
-It must have dialogue
-Someone must walk through a door, across a room and someone must sit down in a chair

As you can see from the length of our video we did not stick to the first point of the brief, we felt we could deliver a better story and viewing enjoyment if we made it longer, also when we took our script to our teacher and asked him if it was okay to go over 30 seconds he said that that would be fine.
 We did however stick to the rest of the brief, here are some examples of

Match on Action:

As Jamie reaches for the door, enters through the door and closes it from the other side.

Shot reverse shot/ 180 degree rule:

Daniel over Jamies shoulder and Jamie over Daniels shoulder!

The tools we used in iMovie were:

- Crop to cut out a chair that snuck into shot when Jamie had to jump off of it onto the floor to give the idea that he was falling down from above:

-We Fade out sound and Fade in sound with the song Omen by Prodigy:

              Here the sound Fades in as they clasp hands in a heroic way:

             And Fades out as the ending credits finish and the final additional credits scene begins

-We also added music, the Mission Impossible theme and Omen by the Prodigy for our running scene by downloading the music from Youtube into iTunes and then using iMovie to select and drag the music in and crop it to the right length for our shots.

- As well as this we used Split clip to et rid of a piece of dialogue that we wanted in the next clip and that if we hadn't split the clip and then cropped the second half would've been repeated.

- Finally we added a grey and seedy effect to the first shot like it was being filmed through a CCTV camera, though I think this would've looked better had we had cut the clip more to make it look more jerky so that it looked more like it was from a CC Tv camera.

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