Thursday, 8 March 2012

Editing 8th/19/20th March

8th March:

Today I started the second half of my editing, my video is almost finished ands there's only a few more things to do now those are:

-Final touches
-One final peice of music to add
-Some last titles to add

And then hopefully my editing should be complete.

My final video has turned out completely different to the script and storyboard, I have taken the clips and rearranged them to make up for the fact that we didn't get everything filmed we need. So far I'm guite happy with what I've got and it's got good responses.

19th March:

Have added stuff I mentioned last time and have got it pretty much finished with it and am quite happy with how it turned out. Had a bit of hassle transferrign it from iMovie to Final Cit and back again (see Technology review for further information on this incident) but it looks opretty good now its downe and I'm uploadign it.

20th March:

Once I had uploaded it yesterday I realised it was two seconds too long so I have taken it down and cut it, also I have adjusted the sound levels as they were too high and you couldn't hear the Voice-over which isn't very clear. Plus I noticed that I had somehow accidently cut a scene which I have added back in. It is now the correct time of two minutes exactly and all final problems have to been sorted so I am now re-uploading it.

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