Thursday, 22 March 2012


The computer programs I used when producing and editing my footage were iMovie and Final Cut Express.

This is an example of one of the cameras we filmed it on.

The computer I used to do my editing was an Apple Mac:

I used iMovie to do the majority of my editing and all of my rough-cuts. I also used it to add my transition effects and adjust the contrast and colours. I also used it to add the music. 

Final Cut:

I then transferred my almost complete footage to Final Cut where I added the voice over and some more editing in depth. However when I had transferred it over I had lost the music, so I then had to re-transfer it over to iMovie, and re-add back in the music and then do some final cutting to finish it off. Then I put it on Youtube, however once I had done so I realised that it was over two minutes and that the audio for the music was too high so we couldn't hear the dialogue. I then took it back off of Youtube and re-adjusted the levels of audio and ducking and added some more titles, once I had done I posted to back up again.

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