Monday, 26 March 2012

Media Distributor

Seeing as our film would feature no major names our film would probably be independently funded by lots of smaller groups rather than any major companies as it would be more of a gamble and be more at risk of not making a lot of money. We would probably be distributed by an independent company like Film4 or maybe, seeing a our film is in a well established genre we may even be distributed by a larger company like Universal. 

The people who would gross the highest pay would be our lead actors, Daniel Wright, Andrew Bryan,  Alisha Ward, Ges Smith etc; and though they were not featured in the opening credits the rest of the cast and crew who worked in making the film would be featured in the end credits instead. 

Our film is similar (in it's production) to the BAFTA award winning film 'Tyrannosaur', this too is an independently funded film starring relatively unknown actors. It was distributed and produced in all independent minor companies like Film4 Productions and StudioCanal UK.

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