Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Action Comedy Treatment Re-Write

Hall Monitor

A original screen-play by Andrew Bryan, Olivia Barry, Chris Adegoke and Daniel Wright.


The Production Company BiggerBoat Productions presents a 12A aimed Action-Comedy film that tells the tale of a British school that has decided to run a Hall monitor program, their hall monitor Alex is an anal busy-body who takes his job far too seriously, he and his side-kick a lower grader (who is only in it for the grade-points and thinks his boss is a moron) must stop the imminent sabotage of the school Prom.
   As the story unfolds it is discovered that it is Alex's love interest that has committed the attempted sabotage in order to get him to notice her. Through the stopping of the sabotage of the prom our lead finally gets the respect he craves and recognition he feels he has worked for but also realises what an idiot he has been and that their is more to life than being a hall monitor.

The film will be like MallCop, meets HotFuzz

Our key focus is to make a funny laugh-a minute comedy that entertains and draws in the audiences, it will be open for all audiences from 12 upwards and so will be a 12A, this will give us more room than a PG rating to make jokes suitable for older audiences.

The feedback we got from our focus group was to not make is family orientated but just younger teen upwards film and so to raise the rating so that we could add in better humour than just slap-stick alone. We also were told to give the love-interest a bigger role overall in the film so that the audience can know who she is before the end reveal.

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