Thursday, 8 December 2011

Survey Results Graphs

We used the website Survey Monkey to collect these results and will ulitmately collate them with the rest of our findings to gain an idea of what changes we will make to our idea.

From this graph we can see that most of the people answering our survey are teenagers, this suggests that we should aim our film at that that kind of audience base. On refelection I think we should used a better age range for measurment as 11-20 is too wide.  

From this graph we can see that the largest percentage of people replying o our survey were male so this suggests we should aim our film more at a male audience.

Their age and this graphs suggest that those answering our survey are still in education, this means they will have little disposable income as they will not be working but may get allowance so could still see our film in cinemas. The lack of disposable income for expensive cinema tickets might suggest that our film would do better in DVD sales as they are cheaper and can be bought as gifts.

From this graph we can see that our surveyees most enjoy the genres of horror and science-fiction, due to that fact that our film is neither of these we may have to find a way to work some factors of those things into our film. Luckily a high majority of people also said the7 liked comedy. 

Many surveyess said what they most liked about their genres was enjoying laughter, escaping reality and good effects so we'll have to find a way to encompass all of these things in our opening two-mintues/film.

Many people said they found out about new films from the internet this suggest that we should advertise through the internet, this is a good thing as our opening two minutes will be posted their anyway.

Most people also said they visited the cinema with family, this works well with our initial idea of making the film family friendly we will  need to maike sure we aim some of our humour to adults.

Many said they enjoyed foreign films with subtitles, this tells us that they are open to more exotic cinema and are possibly more cultured, this will give us more freedom with our humour than if we were just aiming it at people who are a little more narrow minded.

Most people said they enjoyed watching films, wathcing televison and rading novels, the fact that they enjoy reading novels suggest that they may like complex plots and well developed characters- this we will have to take into account when structuring and writing our plot and script. Also the fact that they like watching films and television tells us that they will have a pretty good understanding of what to expect from our film- whether they realise they do or not- and so we will have to find someway to surprise them.

Many of the films our audience had seen recently were comedy films, young adults films or acton films, this sits us in quite good stead as our film is a collection of these things.

Overall I think this survey has been good in assuring us of some things that we all ready knew and in that we are largly going in the right direction but also informing us of some things that we will need to change like making our plot more complex etc. However I think if I were to do this survey again I would try and make it more relevant to our actual film in the hopes we could get some more refined information from it.

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