Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Audience Research Reflection

Overall I think our audience research went well, our focus group was focused and alert and interested in our questions and even more so in replying to them, the only place I felt we didn't get a so good reply on was the internet survey's as they were unmanageable and some people relied in a manner that was inappropriate and not useful to us in our research. As well as this I think we could have put our survey's together better as some people didn't understand the layout of our questions properly and so struggled to answer some of them.
I also think we should have pushed more for survey's to be filled in before the lesson as we ended up using two hours we could've used for further work getting survey's filled, also most of those survey's were mostly filled by adults which isn't entirely a help to us.

At the moment we are editing our screenplay, changing somethings and adding some more humour; we are working quite well as a team at the moment though now and again one of us lags behind and we have to pick them up again and get them to rejoin us in working. This is not only their fault but our fault as well I think as sometimes we can get so caught up in what were doing we forget to think about what we have left for everyone else to do. This will be something we will work on.

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