Thursday, 8 December 2011

Interview Questions and Answers

These are the questions and answers that we got in our interview with two people (they answered together) upon telling them our idea:

1. After hearing our idea, do you think it fits the genre we are asking for, and why?

Ans:  More aimed at a PG or 12 than a 'All' (family film)

2. What aspect, if any, would you like to change?

 Ans: Suitable for the genre, careful for toilet humour, language and innuendos, slapstick element should be included, vertical tutoring (school should be in classes of grade not year)

3. Is this a film you would particularly like to see?

Ans: Yes, if the trailer was good

4. What do you think about the setting of the film?

Ans:  Good setting

5. Do you think this idea would only appeal to the younger part of the family audience?

Ans:  Yes.

These answers will be eventually compiled with our questionnaire results and focus group results to give us an overall idea of what changes we will need to make to our final film idea.

From these results we will begin to  consider changing the target audience of our film.

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